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Image: Screenshot of "Introduction to AcuGraph® from Miridia Technology, Inc.

Many physical and emotional ailments are a result of blockages or imbalances in our body’s meridians (invisible energy pathways). The AcuGraph® Digital Meridian Imaging system uses a tool much like a stylus pen which is placed at points on your skin to electronically read these pathways and detect imbalances. Once the brief, painless reading is complete, the AcuGraph® system will create a chart detailing any blockages, deficiencies, and excessiveness in your meridians, which may be causing symptoms of illness, discomfort, or pain. This chart will be made available for you to take home. With this information, your practitioner can create a clear-cut plan to bring your body back into balance, and avoid or remedy health issues. 


While the AcuGraph® system was designed to work specifically with acupuncture, it can also be beneficial in optimizing results from other services. For example, while performing services like the Raindrop or Reflexology massage, information from your AcuGraph® reading can help the practitioner know which areas of your spine or foot require extra attention.


Insurance receipts are available for this service. 

For a more detailed visual explanation on the benefits of AcuGraph®, watch this short, informative video.


AcuGraph® Analysis

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