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Have you heard great things about options like acupuncture but are afraid of needles? Auriculotherapy might be a great solution for you, as it offers other treatment methods.

Here’s how it works: Your external ear is like a map of the body - a microsystem that has over 300 points, each relating to a specific organ, muscle, nerve, etc. We can target issues with any of these body parts via stimulation methods including acupressure, ear tacks/seeds/pellets, laser treatment, and gentle electric stimulation. Our current procedure involves the use of the Pointoselect Digital device, a tool that helps locate the exact points needing treatment (see above right image). We also send the client home with ear tacks/seeds/pellets for continued home therapy (see ear seeds in left image).

Auriculotherapy can be successful in treating virtually any physical or mental health issue including pain, allergies, weight loss, addiction, anxiety, depression, and stress.

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Video: Miridia Technology

12-Week Weight Loss & Smoking Cessation Program

Feb Auric Program

Have you made many attempts to shed some extra pounds or kick an addiction but no program or approach seems to work for you? Auriculotherapy patients have seen astounding results with weight loss and addictions.


This is a 3 month commitment, which will include 12 auriculotherapy sessions, along with ear tacks/seeds/pellets for additional home therapy. This program can be invoiced under most health insurance plans, and directly billed to many. We are still looking for clients to be case studies for the smoking cessation program.

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