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What Do Spring & Your Liver Have In Common?

Going with the flow is extremely important to both! Spring is the liver’s season.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) each organ has a season it relates to, and that organ tends to have more health issues during that season. Did you ever notice that more people become sick when the seasons change? Each season has its own energy (Qi).

During the change of seasons, our body’s Qi has difficulty adjusting with the new season. If we work with nature’s flow of energy, we will remain healthy, or at least have a speedier healing time.

In Spring, nature’s Qi rises; trees start budding; seeds germinate; plants grow. Our Qi also rises - sometimes too quickly. If we don’t take enough down time; never say no; become frustrated, or if we suppress our feelings, this can be as damaging to our liver, just like consuming too much alcohol or drugs.

Our liver is in charge of our emotions, and this is why it is so important to express our feelings. Feelings are energy, and if suppressed, they may cause the liver to become dysfunctional.

Ways to help you to let go, and go with the flow:

  • Allow yourself to take time for yourself everyday. It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.

  • Learn to say “No”, and not over-commit yourself.

  • Express how you are feeling in words or writing. (I sometimes say “I know it may have not been your intent, but when you did/said…it hurt my feelings, or made me feel…”) This may help the other person not become defensive.

  • It’s ok to let out your frustration/anger in an acceptable manner, like go into the woods, and scream.

Final tip: Sour foods are healing to the liver, so dig out those pickles!


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