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Pain Relief Self-Care

Got pain in your neck, back, shoulders, hip, or sciatic nerve? Try these acupressure points for pain relief.

Massage the appropriate area where you have pain. You may also apply pressure with your thumb.

  • For your neck discomfort, slightly pull and twist your toes, and apply pressure on the neck/shoulder ridge reflex.

  • For shoulders manipulate the oval joint below the baby toe. The shoulder blade is the bony ridge on the ball of the foot below the big toe, and second toe.

  • Back pain can be alleviated by applying pressure on the bony ridge on the inside of the foot. The big toe represents the head, so if it's upper back pain, then you work on the bony ridge near the big toe. As you move down this bone, you are working towards the lower back. The achilles tendon is also worked for lower back pain and sciatica. Slightly stretching the legs by pulling the feet will ease spinal compression. The hip pressure point is at the area where the bone juts out, on the outside of the foot.


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