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Sunburn & Humidity Hacks: Keep cool with therapeutic-grade essential oils!

We certainly have had frequently humid days recently, so I thought I would share some info on some essential oils that will help you mitigate the moisture!

Peppermint oil lowers the body’s temperature, so applying a few drops to the nape of your neck will help. It’s great for hot flashes also! For sensitive skin, you should apply a small amount of olive oil first, or something similar. This may need repeated every couple of hours depending on the weather. An added benefit of this oil is that it is an anti-inflammatory, which means it's great for body pain, headaches, mosquito bites and nasal congestion. I take peppermint oil everywhere I go!

Wintergreen oil is a natural steroid which can help with respiratory issues such as shortness of breath, which often occurs during humid weather. It helps with coughing from a post nasal drip. Apply a few drops to the upper chest and back, and then add a couple drops of peppermint oil. Since wintergreen is a natural steroid, it helps with bone and joint pain also.

If you get a sunburn, add a few drops of lavender oil into a body lotion and apply to sunburned skin. It will soothe the discomfort and heal quicker. Preferably use a natural lotion. I use Green Beaver Moisture Cream (they even have a lavender-infused option available on their website). Lavender oil is a natural antihistamine, so will help with itchiness and nasal congestion. It also is antibacterial agent, and aids sleep, anxiety, and depression...and it smells amazing!


NEW! Far Infrared Heat Mat!

We've recently added the Jade Vitality Full Body Heating Pad to all our services. Now during your sessions, you will enjoy the benefits of laying on this mat, made of jade and tourmaline stones which emits far infrared heat (like the sun without the harmful UV rays). It also releases healing negative ions (like salt rocks, the ocean, and the air after a thunderstorm). The Vitality Mat improves circulation, induces calmness, while it decreases inflammation and anxiety.

Coming for a session this summer is like the perfect beach day - imagine you’re laying on the warm beach sand, enjoying a light ocean breeze (our fan!)


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