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Why Balancing & Maintenance Are Crucial

It is incredibly important to maintain our body’s well-being, just as it’s important to have our car’s oil changed, having safe tires, doing spring cleaning, getting rid of trash, and preparing our yards for planting.

During the winter we tend to be less active, and over this pandemic, most of us have added a few unwanted pounds. We’ve experienced more stress and financial strains, and as a result, anxiety and depression are at an all time high. Many are fatigued physically, mentally, and spiritually. These issues have caused our energy channels (meridians) to become imbalanced, which affect all of our organs. Here are some examples of how this relationship works:

  • An imbalance in the spleen could increase anxiety, which could cause a disruption in our stomach meridian, which has a huge impact on our mental health and digestion. Poor digestion is the cause of many headaches.

  • The last couple of years has increased our frustrations and anger, which affects the liver. Our liver is one of the organs which affects tendons, ligaments, and eyes. An imbalanced liver meridian can lead to more soreness and pain, eye issues.

  • Fear affects our kidney channel, which is responsible for water balance, blood pressure, bones/joints, ears and overall energy.

  • If your small intestine channel is imbalanced, it not only affects digestion, and elimination, it could be causing discomfort in your shoulder blade/shoulder, or arm, as the channel runs along that area also.

Some channels may be deficiently imbalanced, while others are excessively imbalanced. If we do not take the time to maintain our energy like you take your car for a tune up, it becomes a vicious cycle of problems. Great ways to repair and rejuvenate our bodies on all levels are exercise; good diet; sleep; being in nature; down time; play time; being with loved ones and positive people. Holistic modalities like acupuncture, reflexology, massages, osteopathy, and reiki can also help.

At A Caring Light, we offer AcuGraph® Analysis - a testing which shows you which of your organs and energy channels are imbalanced, and gives you a list of the resulting physical and emotional health issues. The analysis visually shows you where these channels run in your body, and the body parts that are affected. The results will be explained, and you will receive a digital and printed copy of the analysis.

The analysis also gives the practitioner the best treatment plans. Although the analysis is intended for acupuncture treatments, it can also be a great tool if you choose other modalities like reflexology, massages, reiki, osteo, physical therapy, etc. Acupuncture may involve needles, ear tacks/seeds, laser, and electric stimulation of the ear (the ear is a microsystem of the whole body).

Don't skimp on your tune-ups, or your car won't run smoothly!


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