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Tired of Acting?

What do anxiety and the theatre have in common?

Have you ever been watching a dramatic movie or play, and left thinking, "Wow, that looks emotionally exhausting! That actor must be absolutely depleted after playing that character for so long"? Do you ever feel like every time you leave the house, much like an actor, you're putting on a facade to conceal the turmoil going on inside?

Because of the world we're currently living in, many of us are experiencing heightened anxiety, fear, and confusion...and that's on top of the existing stresses that our lives may bring. But we do not have to keep up an act. We wouldn't try to hide a broken arm, so why do that with our mental health? Remember that most people around us are dealing with a lot of the same issues, and are empathetic to our struggle. We should allow ourselves to let our guard down, and even share how we're feeling. When we're feeling divided and disconnected, what may bridge the gap is hearing how someone else is struggling with similar issues. Having conversations, whether in person or virtually, may allow us to discover tools that can make a difference, for us and others! So don't go for the Oscar, because there's no trophy for best real life actor.


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