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Amazing Benefits of Pumpkin

Who doesn't love the look of bright orange pumpkins on a doorstep in Autumn? But pumpkins are best enjoyed for their nutritional value and long-term benefits! Here are 5 reasons to make pumpkin a staple in your Fall diet.

1. May aid in weight loss.

Pumpkin is high in fibre which helps you feel full longer, and is low in calories (it’s about 90% water!)

2. Eyesight

The bright orange colour of a pumpkin comes from its plentiful supply of beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A. One cup of pumpkin contains over 200% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin A, which helps your retina process light.

3. Immunity Strengthening

The Vitamin A and C contents in pumpkin also lend a helping hand to your immune system - something we’re all in need of right now. Pumpkin oil can even help fight fungal and bacterial infections.

4. Cancer Prevention

Antioxidants like beta-carotene (and others present in pumpkin) can regulate free-radicals which are damaging to our cells. These antioxidants can help prevent certain types of cancer!

5. Edible Seeds = Even More Benefits

Along with the same nutrients we get from the main part of the pumpkin, the seeds boast even more powers like improved bladder health, lowered blood pressure, and a sleeping aid. For a detailed explanation of the benefits of pumpkin seeds, see this article.

So don't just indulge in the autumn treat this Thanksgiving weekend, but all season long! Happy Thanksgiving - we're thankful for your support!


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